18 Jul 2009 10:43 am

Stem cell engineers yet another success story in spinal cord injury

spinal cord injuryThis is a story awe-inspiring who are still in dilemma whether to undergo a stem cell therapy in order to repair their spinal cord injury. Mark Palmer who had been a paralysed since 2003, is now enjoying his vacation in Costa Rica with his wife, after undergoing a stem cell treatment.

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17 Jul 2009 12:40 pm

Stem cell donation increases your life

ennerdale_three_children_huggingConfused? But true. Think about it, by donating your stem cells you are helping a life to relive. In this way your cells are getting incorporated within that person, and you are living in him or her, too. Whenever you are depressed you can go to him or her and you will be welcomed with a smile that will take away all the tensions from your life. And it is a well proven fact that with a lower mental stress you can live long.

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06 Jul 2009 02:40 pm

Stem cell therapy touches another milestone in spinal cord injury

sw_stairsStem cell has been a boon to the modern medical research, and it has been creating success stories almost everyday. The research regarding stem cell therapy creates another success story again in treating spinal cord injury. Full article »

15 Jun 2009 03:01 pm

Stem cell therapy once again help restore sensation of spinal cord injury patient in India

imagesOnce again a 29 years old man who had severe injury in the upper cervical cord in a road accident (two years ago) achieved significant improvement after having successful stem cell therapy at the Salem Manipal Hospital, India.

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15 Jun 2009 08:22 am

Stem cell therapy won over top 10 deadly disease: lets read the tale

gladiator-2Caught in the web of dilemmas? Just read through ten best success stories compiled just for you. We are sure you will take up the challenge and let you or your loved ones find a respite from the grueling pains.

14 Jun 2009 04:35 am

India banks on stem cells towards a disease-free tomorrow

By Richa Sharma

Like all parents, Arvind Tripathi, a schoolteacher in India’s pink city of Jaipur, wants to gift his unborn child a disease-free future. As India walks the path of cutting-edge technology in healthcare, the once unthinkable is actually within grasp and Tripathi is planning to achieve his dream by banking his baby’s stem cells.

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09 Jun 2009 04:11 pm

Stem cell procedure successfully integrated spine surgeries

Texarkana neurosurgeons introduced an innovative stem cell procedure that could improve the desired results of surgical interventions of spinal cord injury and back pain.

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09 Jun 2009 03:46 pm

Stem cell releives spinal injury patients

spinal-cord1Are you pondering upon what to do, to get a perfect cure for a spinal cord injury? We can guarantee you that your tensions will be relieved after reading through this because stem cell treatment is here !

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09 Jun 2009 02:12 pm

Stem cell therapy for brain injury conducted in India: For the first time ever

Indian doctors proved wrong the strong belief that brain injury never cured. The pressing requirement to helpĀ  disabled persons due to brain injuries led them to work on stem cell therapy for finding out a solution. As researchers believed that stem cell is the only hope that can faced this kind of critical situation.

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05 Jun 2009 04:54 pm

Stem cells from eyelid fat may cure diabetes

Korean scientists discovered that fat under the eyelids which was previously eyelid-fat-deposit1discarded after double eyelid surgery contains abundant amounts of neural stem cells, that may hold the ability to cure diabetes, the disease which has been identified as a slow killer.

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