07 Mar 2009 03:00 am

Obama to reverse ban on stem cell funding: Report

WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama plans to reverse a ban on government funding for embryonic stem cell research next week, fulfilling a campaign promise on what has long been a divisive moral issue in the US, media reported Friday.

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02 Mar 2009 06:29 am

Canadian researchers turn skin tissues into stem cells

stem-cellTORONTO - In a breakthrough in medical sciences, Canadian researchers have pioneered a new method to turn skin tissues into stem cells.

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04 Feb 2009 08:48 am

Stem cell research gets new life while Obama at White House

Creation Vs destruction ….. Embryonic stem cell research Vs Religion, violation …. controversy … .debates … .conflicts ….. finally ends with US president Barrack Obama coming into the big picture.

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04 Dec 2008 11:43 pm

Stem cell therapy: websites claim bogus

Expensive, sham stem cell therapies are being hawked directly to desperate patients over the Internet, experts say. In response, the leading organization of stem cell scientists on Wednesday issued guidelines to steer research in the field toward responsible, practical uses.The new guidelines were published in the December issue of Cell Stem Cell.

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23 Nov 2008 11:12 pm

Researchers found ideal time to collect embryonic stem cells to treat Parkinson’s disease

At the 38th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, researchers have identified an ideal time to collect human embryonic stem cells to treat Parkinson’s disease.

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10 Nov 2008 10:05 am

Fox hopeful of presidential support for stem cell research

Barack Obama’s victory has raised hope for the Fox Foundation for fund raising for stem cell research. The mood was giddy at the annual fundraiser benefiting The Michael J. Fox Foundation a day after the Presidential election.

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24 Oct 2008 04:40 am

Stem cell research model stolen

Stem cell research in the UK, is likely to have a major setback. The computer containing research that could be used to save thousands of lives has been stolen from a Lincoln student’s home.

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21 Oct 2008 06:09 am

Some arguments regarding embryonic stem cell research proposal in Michigan

It is said that in democracy, the ultimate authority lies in the hands of people. People will decide the future of the country. It seems the words are come true in case of embryonic stem cell research in Michigan.

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17 Oct 2008 05:27 am

Indian stem cell researcher warned in Australia

Stem cell is the next big thing in the world of medicine and science. But unfortunately, it is facing many hurdles and restrictions. More wonder, progressive western countries are not free from restrictions like all these.

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27 Sep 2008 07:32 am

Ethical debate over embryonic stem cells likely to get over

In a major research of its kind, the Harvard University stem cell researcher have found an alternative to embryonic stem cells. Thus it is likely to bring an end to the political and ethical tempest that has embroiled hopes for a new generation of medical treatments.

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