03 Jun 2009 01:19 pm

induced Pluripotent Stem cell - promises a new future

200811421induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPS) is a newer concept in the field of stem cell therapy. Let us see how it promises us a newer and brighter future…

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28 Aug 2008 04:51 am

Harvard Stem cell Scientists on their way to reshape medicine for disease producing cells

Harvard-UniversityOn 27th August,2008 Dr. George Daley and Kevin Eggan, scientists of the Harvard University made a breakthrough announcement regarding the creation of stem cells from patients with a variety of diseases. They say that this disease-specific stem cells will reshape medicine, as stem cells will make the cells to grow in the petri dish of the lab which will increase the chance of study of all degenerative diseases.

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11 Aug 2008 07:47 am

Scientists Have Created Stem Cells for 10 Genetic Disorders

Dr George Daley and his colleagues at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute used a new technique,  which will allow researchers to watch 10 genetic disorders develop in a lab dish and thus could help speed up efforts to find treatments for some of the most confounding ailments.

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04 Oct 2007 03:53 am

Stem Cell Therapy: A New Hope For Huntington’s Disease

In a new research, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center have shown how stem-cell therapy might someday be used to treat Huntington’s disease — a fatal disorder for which there is currently no cure or even a treatment to slow the disease.
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