04 Jul 2009 04:03 pm

Stem cell research gets help from cancer cells for survival

memorial_hall__stanford_universityA new protein known as TERT has been discovered which was previously known to be effective in regenerating DNA telomere. But presently a research shows that this preotein is potent to make  adult stem cells divide. What does that indicate?

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01 Jul 2009 03:30 pm

Graft Vs host disease & stem cell transplant - can the new therapy accomplish the challenge?

gvh-picGRAFT vs host disease has been a common chronic disease in older days when tissue grafting derived from other people had been a common practise until the advent of artificial implants. Present day stem cell therapy involves transplantations which has again given triggered the frequency of the disease again. A new therapy has come up to solve the problem, but will it be effective enough?

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26 Jun 2009 02:23 pm

Embryonic muscle stem cell creating genes are not required to regenerate injured muscles

stem-cell-genesAs per Science Daily its a stem cell surprise, and its being such a surprise that would divert the whole global stem cell thoughts and would overturn the previous stem cell researches.

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26 Jun 2009 09:34 am

Stem cell transplant completely cured thalassemia of a eight years old girl

Thalassemia-curedStem cell transplant help eight years old girl Thamirabharuni,  get rid of the deadly genetic blood disorder thalassemia. The transplant was done on last March, almost 100 days after the stem cell treatment one can surely say that the girl is cured from thalassemia.

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25 Jun 2009 08:33 am

Groundbreaking stem cell therapy may cure Crohn’s disease and acute colitis

crohns_diseaseThe technique involves replacing old stem cells from bone marrow which are responsible for the disease, with the fresh and new stem cells.

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22 Jun 2009 04:17 pm

Stem cell families - a true sense of blood relations

friends-foreverStem cell can also create mental bondage, can create new families, it can create a true sense of pure blood relations

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12 Jun 2009 09:10 am

Melanocyte Stem Cells differentiation links hair graying via excessive stress

Excessive genotoxic stress triggers differentiation of melanocyte stem cells(MSCs) and help graying the hair.

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03 Jun 2009 12:03 pm

New stem cell source from pig raise hope for humanized pig organs

humanized-pig-organsChinese researchers have developed a way to convert ordinary pig cells into stem cells. Researchers also claimed that these pig stem cells have the capacity to work like embryonic stem cells. The work was published on-line Wednesday in the newly launched Journal of Molecular Cell Biology.

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01 Jun 2009 08:27 am

Stem cell and gene therapy combination could help cure genetic diseases

Researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have demonstrated for the first time ever that stem cell and gene therapy combination technique could work in human cells.

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21 May 2009 06:35 pm

Allogenic stem cell transplant eradicate mantle cell lymphoma: A success story

The-Cancer-War-by-Anthony-HerreraHe was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma and was told that he will die.

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