28 Apr 2009 04:48 pm

Stem cell breakthroughs in UK: At a glance

It appears that as if British researcher are chasing the stem cell breakthroughs. At present British stem cell scientists are surely under the limelight of success, every now and then new news of stem cell breakthroughs and developments are showing up their faces to the world emerging from the British laboratories.

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24 Mar 2009 01:11 pm

Stem cell therapy may help treat deafness

WASHINGTON - In a breakthrough study, researchers have developed a new stem cell therapy that may help in treating hearing impairment.

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10 Dec 2008 03:10 am

Brain cell likely to present treatment for hearing loss

US researchers have found that transplant of brain cells can fight problems of hearing loss. Damage to hair cells in the inner ear due to ageing and overstimulation causes hearing problems in 10% of people worldwide.The cell loss is irreversible, but US scientists believe it may be possible to replace them with stem cells from a region of the brain.

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25 Sep 2008 07:11 am

Stem cell therapy promises disease free future

Stem cell therapy can truly be called a new revolution in the world of medicine. The therapy is effective on any kind of disease.

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