07 Jul 2009 09:06 am

Embryonic stem cell research boosted by new NIH guidelines

zerhouni_kingston0305The rules, the agency said, lay out which research is eligible for federal funding and help “ensure that NIH-funded research in this area is ethically responsible, scientifically worthy and conducted in accordance with applicable law.”

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06 Jul 2009 02:17 pm

Stem cell treatment promises to cure atherosclerosis and alzheimer disease

blood_vessel2A team leaded by an Indian Scientist, Dr. Deepak Srivastava, discovered a new mechanism in molecular biology, which are the primary reason of the  diseases such as atherosclerosis and Alzheimer disease. Will stem cell treating these defects find a cure to these diseases?

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03 Jun 2009 01:19 pm

induced Pluripotent Stem cell - promises a new future

200811421induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPS) is a newer concept in the field of stem cell therapy. Let us see how it promises us a newer and brighter future…

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28 Apr 2009 04:48 pm

Stem cell breakthroughs in UK: At a glance

It appears that as if British researcher are chasing the stem cell breakthroughs. At present British stem cell scientists are surely under the limelight of success, every now and then new news of stem cell breakthroughs and developments are showing up their faces to the world emerging from the British laboratories.

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24 Apr 2009 02:04 pm

Stem cell medicines will get a boost: claims UC San Diego Bioengineers

Lead researcher Kun Zhang, an assistant bioengineering professor in the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering and his team at  UC San Diego have developed  a low cost  accurate DNA methylation technique for researchers, that would be able to quantitatively analyze  regenerative medicine as well as other diseases digitally using padlock probs.

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27 Mar 2009 09:13 am

Scientists turn skin cells into human induced pluripoten stem cells without cancer risk cells

stemcellNovel approach to turn skin cells into stem cells without cancer risk

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02 Mar 2009 06:29 am

Canadian researchers turn skin tissues into stem cells

stem-cellTORONTO - In a breakthrough in medical sciences, Canadian researchers have pioneered a new method to turn skin tissues into stem cells.

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04 Feb 2009 08:48 am

Stem cell research gets new life while Obama at White House

Creation Vs destruction ….. Embryonic stem cell research Vs Religion, violation …. controversy … .debates … .conflicts ….. finally ends with US president Barrack Obama coming into the big picture.

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04 Dec 2008 11:43 pm

Stem cell therapy: websites claim bogus

Expensive, sham stem cell therapies are being hawked directly to desperate patients over the Internet, experts say. In response, the leading organization of stem cell scientists on Wednesday issued guidelines to steer research in the field toward responsible, practical uses.The new guidelines were published in the December issue of Cell Stem Cell.

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10 Nov 2008 10:53 pm

Obama likely to change stem cell research policy

The US President Barack Obama has finally come to action. As his first step, he decides to go against the policies of George W Bush regarding stem cell research and domestic drilling for oil and natural gas. He is reviewing Bush’s executive orders on those two issues and others.

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