16 Apr 2009 07:57 am

Stem cell transplantation shows ray of hope in AIDS-related Lymphoma

European researchers Dr. Jose L. Diez-Martin of Hospital General Universidad Gregorio Maranon, Madrid, Spain, and colleagues claimed that HIV-positive people with high-grade lymphoma can be treated safely and effectively by autologous stem cell transplantation(ASCT). They have published their findings in a March 30th advance on-line publication in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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13 Feb 2009 05:01 pm

Stem Cell Transplantation completely wiped of HIV along with Leukemia

“Miracles are spontaneous, they cannot be summoned, but come of themselves.”  Not just a saying but practically happened in reality.

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19 Jan 2009 04:13 am

Stem cell therapy promises to protect the immune system from HIV

While fighting against AIDS scientists have achieved a major breakthrough, they have able to design a new stem cell treatment that will hopefully protect the immune system from HIV.

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09 Dec 2008 06:09 am

Anti-HIV genes can be used for potential HIV treatment

In a major breakthrough in both stem cell research and HIV treatment, the US researchers finds Anti-HIV genes can be introduced into autologous peripheral blood progenitor cells, resulting in a potentially HIV-resistant treatment.

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14 Nov 2008 12:10 pm

German Doctors Cure American of AIDS by Stem Cell Transplant

Dr. Hütter, a soft-spoken hematologist in Berlin reported that he cured a man of AIDS by giving him transplanted blood stem cells from a person naturally resistant to the virus. This opens a new horizon in AIDS treatment. It is also “proof of principle” for gene-therapy approaches according to Dr. David Baltimore, Nobel Laureate, who is with University of California in Los Angeles.

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28 Aug 2008 04:51 am

Harvard Stem cell Scientists on their way to reshape medicine for disease producing cells

Harvard-UniversityOn 27th August,2008 Dr. George Daley and Kevin Eggan, scientists of the Harvard University made a breakthrough announcement regarding the creation of stem cells from patients with a variety of diseases. They say that this disease-specific stem cells will reshape medicine, as stem cells will make the cells to grow in the petri dish of the lab which will increase the chance of study of all degenerative diseases.

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17 May 2007 07:49 am

Stem Cell Lines that Genetically Match Human Patients

U.S. scientists have launched a project to develop stem cell lines that genetically match human patients.

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16 Feb 2007 08:21 am

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Obtained Approval of Iowa Senate

A bill allowing medical research on embryonic stem cells obtained through cloning narrowly cleared the Iowa Senate Wednesday after a debate that veered between coolly technical science and passionate appeals on both sides.

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07 Feb 2007 08:54 am

Hematopoietic Stem Cells able to Resist Infection With HIV-1

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are one of the few cell types able to resist infection with HIV-1 despite expressing the cell surface molecules to which HIV-1 binds before entering a cell.

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31 Jan 2007 09:13 am

Norway Proposes Law That Would Allow Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The government of Norway has proposed new legislation that would allow embryonic stem cell research [JURIST news archive] to potentially find cures for various diseases.

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