23 Apr 2009 04:57 pm

First ever stem cell education day celebrated at Maryland

Under graduate students highly interested in stem cell science and many of whom were looking forward to adhere stem cell technology as a career celebrates Stem Cell Education Day at the Maryland Science Center April 21,with leading stem cell researchers.

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22 Apr 2009 03:28 pm

Controversial abortion and human cloning bills were debated in the House

The most controversial and pending bills like abortion and cloning were  heard by the House State Affairs Committee in presence of overcrowded supporters and opponents of the bills.

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13 Apr 2009 09:54 am

Stem cell treatment helps grow damaged Jawbone

new-bone-cellsStem cell treatment in Korea successfully able to stimulates growth of damaged bone on a 18 years old patient. Findings of the clinical test was published in the British medical journal BMC Medicine and presented at the Korean Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

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11 Apr 2009 02:37 pm

China will built Asia’s biggest stem cell technology base

According to Hong Kong news, Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu claimed on Wednesday that China is going to build Asia’s
biggest medical research centre for Stem cell technology.

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06 Apr 2009 02:06 pm

Stem cell grants for San Jose and other 10 state universities

This is a historic event and one of it’s kind just for which scientists and supporters of stem cell research were waiting for long time. Post ban era of stem cell research opens up with the first grants after President Barack Obamas lift on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

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02 Apr 2009 05:20 pm

Embryo protection bill will limit embryonic stem cell research in Georgia

The embryo adoption bill was passed at Georgia state House, on Thursday.

The chamber approved HB 388, the Option of Adoption Act by a vote of 96- 66 to help offer protection for unique human beings who are stored in fertility clinics.

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02 Apr 2009 03:59 pm

The past and presents of stem cell therapy at a glance

Over 100 years ago, a Russian histologist suggested stem cells be applied for scientific research. They are the human body’s equivalent of a generator, as they can renew, regenerate, and replicate under the right conditions.

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19 Mar 2009 02:33 pm

10 stem cell scientists awarded $6.8 million grant from Empire Stem Cell Board

University-of-Rochester-Medical-Center-UEMCBored about stem cell debates and politics? well then, please keep in mind that no body kick a dead dog. Yes, some thing is really going on evolving the new hero of the medical era of regenerative medicine- ’stem cell’. Full article »

16 Mar 2009 05:26 pm

Stem cell thoughts in India: Experts view

stem-cellScientists of India though have reached the stage of handling normal adult cells to be behave like embryonic stem cells (at Vellore’s Centre for Stem Cell Research, Christian Medical College) but still they preferred to use this special moment wisely, they like to keep every steps very cautiously into the field of embryonic stem cell research.

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09 Mar 2009 06:17 pm

Embryonic stem cell research is ON: Obama ends the ban TODAY

stem_cell_is-onThank God this senseless ban has been lifted. Its a great relief for the scientists, relief for the families of the sufferers who are suffering from killer diseases and knows that their days are limited, relief for the non political world, who believes that science is not politics.

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