23 Jun 2009 04:26 pm

Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. arranges discussion on stem cell therapy in Alberta

A stem cell discussion is arranged by Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. on June 23, 2009, at the Alberta Research Council.

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19 Jun 2009 02:47 pm

Stem cell supporters are on guard about the outcome of new legislation

Embryonic stem cell battle at Michigan set to fire once again, republican lawmakers introduced a package that may set extra rules and restrictions for researchers, which was previously loosen by the voters.

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15 Jun 2009 08:22 am

Stem cell therapy won over top 10 deadly disease: lets read the tale

gladiator-2Caught in the web of dilemmas? Just read through ten best success stories compiled just for you. We are sure you will take up the challenge and let you or your loved ones find a respite from the grueling pains.

10 Jun 2009 04:16 pm

Pancreatic tissue stem cell patent awarded to Vitro

An United States patent entitled “Generation and Differentiation of Adult Stem Cells” has been awarded to Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. (patent number is 7,527,971 ).

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08 Jun 2009 10:49 am

Embryonic stem cell still stronger than adult stem cells

pirates_tavernfightMuch hue and cry took place when in 2001 George W. Bush put a ban in embryonic stem cell (ES) research. Scientists from different communities talked against it, while the people defending their ethical reasons supported it.

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03 Jun 2009 01:19 pm

induced Pluripotent Stem cell - promises a new future

200811421induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPS) is a newer concept in the field of stem cell therapy. Let us see how it promises us a newer and brighter future…

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18 May 2009 03:15 pm

Stem cell research and Obama should speed up the rescue of paralytics: urges disability activist

Cody-UnserOnly a disable person knows the actual pain of the disability, she is Cody Unser a disabled disability activist, the global voice for disable person, student at University of Redlands and head of the Cody Unser First Step Foundation.

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06 May 2009 10:44 am

UW embryonic stem cell patent right for Pfizer

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation claimed that have provides Pfizer the rights to work with human embryonic stem cells for drug research and discovery.

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29 Apr 2009 01:59 pm

South korea to resume cloned human stem cell research once again

The presidential advisory committee after hesitating twice, finally declared on wednesday  that South Korea have decided to lift the three years old ban on cloned human stem cell research.

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28 Apr 2009 04:48 pm

Stem cell breakthroughs in UK: At a glance

It appears that as if British researcher are chasing the stem cell breakthroughs. At present British stem cell scientists are surely under the limelight of success, every now and then new news of stem cell breakthroughs and developments are showing up their faces to the world emerging from the British laboratories.

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