03 Jul 2009 09:41 am

Stem cell now repairing retinal degenerative diseases

injectStem cell is all ready to set another array of success story in ophthalmic treatment. Congenital retinal degeneration or retinal degeneration, a major cause of blindness,  related to ageing can be repaired by the incorporation of stem cells. It has not been tested clinically till now, but has been successful in animal testing. It promises a bright future.

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02 Jul 2009 12:14 pm

Post stem cell transplantation complications - are you aware?

purpose-of-bone-marrow-transplantSTEM cell is a boon towards modern medical research. You name almost any ailment, you may find stem cell therapy as your friend to rescue. But are you aware of the fact that there may arise severe complications after you have undergone a stem cell transplant?

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02 Jul 2009 11:49 am

Stem cells with platelet rich plasma help produce hyaline-like tissue in injured area

Study shows higher relation between collagen I and II after autologus stem cell treatment. New Zealand White rabbitCollagen is the main supportive protein of cartilage, connective tissue, tendon, skin, and bone. It is a fibrous insoluble protein consisting of bundles of tiny reticular fibrils that combine to form the white glistening inelastic fibers of the tendons, the ligaments, and the fascia.

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01 Jul 2009 03:30 pm

Graft Vs host disease & stem cell transplant - can the new therapy accomplish the challenge?

gvh-picGRAFT vs host disease has been a common chronic disease in older days when tissue grafting derived from other people had been a common practise until the advent of artificial implants. Present day stem cell therapy involves transplantations which has again given triggered the frequency of the disease again. A new therapy has come up to solve the problem, but will it be effective enough?

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01 Jul 2009 12:15 pm

Ejection fraction of heart increased by stem cell therapy, did it make you breathe deeper?

stem-cell-research-blogLOWERING of ejection fraction of heart is a serious case in heart patients. Often people suffer from breathing problems and low heart rate due to lowering of ejection fraction of heart after a person experiences a cardiac attack. But stem cell once again hovered its magic stick round, and it has been seen that regeneration of new heart muscles and veins has improved the percentage about 30%.

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01 Jul 2009 08:27 am

Stem cells from patients heart tissue used to treat damaged heart

heartWorld’s First: Stem cells from own organ used to treat damaged heart

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30 Jun 2009 03:39 pm

Stanford University opens its magic box in stem cell research

cantor_center__stanford_universitySTANFORD University, in California, USA, has been the pioneer for many researches in stem cell therapeutics. It is moving very fast, and aiming to make stem cell therapy available to the patients’ bed in almost every other case. Be it cancer or Parkinson’s, stem cell research and Stanford University is becoming synonyms for cure.

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30 Jun 2009 03:25 pm

Stem cells and extracts of bone marrow both can improve post heart attack cardiac disorders

heart-attackA new study conducted on mice by scientists from University of California, San Francisco (UCFS) has identified that an extract derived from bone marrow cells can effectively improve cardiac function after heart attack as bone marrow stem cells does accordingly.

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29 Jun 2009 04:36 pm

Why Australia curing humans with stem cells while US testing on mouse?

stem-cell-researchThe ban on embryonic stem cell research has pushed back US almost a decade in stem cell research. It feels heavy competition from other European countries and from Australia who has taken the highest leap in this field of research. So why the “Bio tech Giant”- US faltering behind in stem cell research? Its because the last eight year lag.

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26 Jun 2009 02:23 pm

Embryonic muscle stem cell creating genes are not required to regenerate injured muscles

stem-cell-genesAs per Science Daily its a stem cell surprise, and its being such a surprise that would divert the whole global stem cell thoughts and would overturn the previous stem cell researches.

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