15 Jul 2009 01:39 pm

Neuralstem sponsors stem cell research for heart patients

heartNeuralstem (CUR) will sponsor stem cell research at the China Medical University & Hospital of Taiwan. The work will help prepare for a human clinical trial using Neuralstem’s human spinal cord neural stem cells to treat patients who have suffered a stroke.

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14 Jul 2009 12:05 pm

Human clinical trial approved for stem cell drugs in India

stempeuticsIn March this year, Bangalore-based Stempeutics Research received clearance from the Drug Controller General of India to conduct human clinical trials to develop drugs using stem cells.

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14 Jul 2009 12:03 pm

Stem cell therapy to be tested upon autism

autismmn kidAutism a peculiar neural disease which has been reported in the kids. In doctor’s word, it has no cure, but can little Kenneth, who would be treated with adult stem cells tell the story differently?

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10 Jul 2009 11:28 am

Adult stem cell research can now do away with virus

Max planckScientists at Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine has made a ground breaking invention, which eliminates the use of virus in stem cell research. The scientists have engineered a method by which differentiated adult stem cells can also be turned into pluripotent stem cells.

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09 Jul 2009 11:59 am

Stem cell technology receives some new financial booster doses

boston biotechA team of influential venture capitalists and medical researchers with strong ties to Boston’s biotechnology community is putting cash and top-drawer talent into the new wave of stem cell technology.

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08 Jul 2009 01:58 pm

Muscle stem cell therapy for heart failure enters final clinical trial

BioHeartBioheart, Inc, announced that they would be going into the final phase of clinical trial with muscle stem cell in cardiovascular disease treatment.

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07 Jul 2009 02:29 pm

Stem cell treats first human with heart attack (MI)

heart-attack1Wonders may not cease where stem cell treatment is concerned. Recently stem cell treatment has been applied on human, as a case of Phase I trial and the doctors are quite optimistic since it has been successful in animals.

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06 Jul 2009 02:40 pm

Stem cell therapy touches another milestone in spinal cord injury

sw_stairsStem cell has been a boon to the modern medical research, and it has been creating success stories almost everyday. The research regarding stem cell therapy creates another success story again in treating spinal cord injury. Full article »

04 Jul 2009 04:03 pm

Stem cell research gets help from cancer cells for survival

memorial_hall__stanford_universityA new protein known as TERT has been discovered which was previously known to be effective in regenerating DNA telomere. But presently a research shows that this preotein is potent to make  adult stem cells divide. What does that indicate?

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04 Jul 2009 02:24 pm

Alzheimer may find cure by blood stem cell growth factor injection

elderlyCan we see a new light in Alzheimer treatment with the injection of GCSF, a human growth factor? While, application has been success in mice, but when is the human clinical trial?

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