John McNeish, an executive director of global Research & development (R&D) at the company, reveals that Pfizer, a renown drug maker is going to establish a second regenerative medicine unit in Cambridge in November.

This announcement was done at a recent stem cell expo. They say that this time the focus will be on researching in ophthalmology and diseases of the central nervous system area.

McNeish, himself will be running this US unit, with Cambridge UK that would eventually have 50 to 60 scientists working on stem cell therapies. They will be collaborating with academic researchers and smaller biotech companies, which is fabulous news for businesses in the East of England bio cluster.

McNeish told reporters at a recent conference that Pfizer had already agreed a number of small collaborations and had several works in hand that he hope to be announced in the next months or so. He also believes that other global pharmaceutical corporations will adopt the regenerative medicine which will be pioneered by Pfizer.

Pfizer, the world’s largest drug maker has its first regenerative medicinal unit in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The main aim to the unit is to concentrate on stem cell therapies in relation to heart disease and diabetes.