In a groundbreaking research of its kind, the US researchers announced to have launched a study on the use of adult stem cell to prevent kidney failure. Based on the successful experiment on the animal, the researchers are hopeful of its application on human being. The research, if successful, can bring an end to kidney disease. Two patients here have already had the transplants.

As open heart surgery places stress on the kidney.That’s why this group has been selected for the clinical trial. A special kind of adult stem cell taken from the bone marrow of living donors will be injected into the blood stream shortly after their heart surgeries.

The stem cells don’t even have to match the patient’s blood type. They’ll be kept frozen until needed, then processed at the University of Utah’s cell therapy lab using a technique developed by a Salt Lake biotech company called Allocure.
John Doty, M.D., with the Intermountain Medical Center, said,

“We take a small catheter, place that through the blood vessels of the leg, up into the descending thoracic aorta and then inject the stem cells under sterile conditions over about a minute.”