stem-cell-researchThe ban on embryonic stem cell research has pushed back US almost a decade in stem cell research. It feels heavy competition from other European countries and from Australia who has taken the highest leap in this field of research. So why the “Bio tech Giant”- US faltering behind in stem cell research? Its because the last eight year lag.

The upsurge of thinkers and ethical issue proponents, against the embryonic stem cell research in 2001, has made life difficult for the present day scientist to cope up with the rapid development in stem cells research. They in order to find their personal gains, made Bible their shield and with some abstruse issues, time and again they played with common men’s emotion in order to halt the ES cell research. As a result the then US President George W. Bush, stopped funding the ES cell research.

But this was not the whole story. In other parts of the world, even in all the major Christian countries, ES cell research went on as in Australia. And presently Australia is working upon:

  • regenerating damaged cardiac (heart) tissue
  • blood and bone marrow regeneration to
    • improve bone marrow transplantation techniques
    • generate safer blood cell products for patients needing transfusion
  • kidney and lung disease
  • neural (brain) diseases such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis

In this year, March, 2009, the US government realized their wrong decision, and has nodded its head in favor of ES cell research. Its better late than never kind of case at present to console the US researchers. Thus, research has been triggered but according to many the chances of US competing with others and coming out as forerunners is a big question mark.

Where US has delved deep into Adult stem cell research which is far less effective than ES cells, Australia has advanced by far the most compared to other countries of the world. We hope those people would realize their mistakes, and should repent about their wrongdoings. They must confess and ask for mercy from the US citizens and researchers, whom they have betrayed.