A bill that would allow embryonic stem cell research in Massachusetts cleared its second big legislative hurdle on Thursday with enough support to withstand a near-certain veto by the state’s governor.

Following impassioned argument on both sides, the state House of Representatives voted 117-37 in favor of legislation that endorses stem cell research, including stem cells obtained from cloned human embryos.

Sal DiMasi, speaker of the Massachusetts House, said lawmakers had voted in favor of both helping those with debilitating illnesses and allowing the state’s stem cell researchers to pursue their work in a moral, ethical manner.

Source: Reuters [www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=scienceNews&storyID=8056255&src=rss/scienceNews]

This is all I am saying. Allow stem-cell research which promises cure for several incurable diseases, diseases which slowly kills and maims people with diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and numerous others. Realize that your effort can save countless millions which will most likely include your near and dear ones too and allow them to live a healthy and long life. You can literally give them life by your support to the cause.

Forget about abortion, about right to die issues. They affect only a minority of people. Stand behind the stem-cell research. Your effort can save more people then you can even imagine.