Cord blood is a potential source of stem cell. A number of patients are coming forward to donate their child’s cord blood to save for future use. The cost is nominal and the return as precious as life itself: Bank your baby’s placenta cord and umbilical cord blood.

The more cells you store, the greater potential benefit you’re giving your family for future therapeutic use. Cord blood stem cell transplants have been successfully performed in more than 8,000 patients with some 80 known diseases, including leukemia and immune system disorders. Once collected from the placenta and umbilical cord and stored, stem cells provide your baby with an exact match for a potential stem cell transplant for years to come.

An exact match increases the likelihood of a successful transplant if ever needed.There is also a stronger chance of a suitable match for other family members when using your own baby’s stored stem cells from the placenta and umbilical cord blood versus those from a public registry, and using a stem cell (cord blood) unit from a relative increases the chances of a successful transplant. By collecting from both the placenta and the umbilical cord, you can collect more stem cells, which can enhance engraftment after the transplant.

Fees vary among different placenta banks and there are different options, from monthly payments to pre-paying for 18 years upfront. With the increase in Stem Cell research diseases that the Placenta and umbilical cord blood can help cure a person are expected to increase.

Source: Grand Street News