petVet-Stem, California is famous for providing regenerative solutions in the field of veterinary science.

Do you have a pet animal seriously injured or suffering from arthritis, joint pains etc.?
Your ultimate destination for a successful recovery is Vet-Stem. An increasing number of pet dogs,cats and horses are been cured by the emergent stem cell technology used in this company.

The procedure for treatment:
A small portion of fat containing stem cells is surgically removed, isolated in the labs of Vet-Stem and then returned after 2 days in the form of concentrated regenerative stem cells which is injected back into the animal’s body.

Recently the therapy has become very popular among animals. Researchers and companies are thinking of extending it to the humans. Studies are in experimental stages. The goal is to go beyond alleviating pain to restoring joint cartilage as a way to avoid hip, knee or other joint surgeries.

Vet-Stem’s data and work with pets is helping other companies progress toward human clinical trials. San Diego-based Cytori Therapeutics Inc., for example, has worked with Vet-Stem and uses a machine to harvest stem cells from fat tissue for use in breast reconstructive surgery. In Europe, Cytori’s machine has been approved to help breast cancer patients

Cytori is working with the Food and Drug Administration and is hoping to begin clinical trials in humans later this year.