spinal-cord-injury-patientChuck Melton who lives in South Illinois is recovering slowly and steadily from the debilitating spinal injuries he underwent in 2002. He is showing distinct improvements. For example, his spinal injuries had stopped sweat secretions from his body. He couldn’t even go outside the house if it was more than 85 degrees.

But now he sweated which is regulating the temperature inside his body thus enabling him to go outside. All these is attributed to Stem Cell Technology. Chuck went to China after his injuries where he received stem cell injections. The cells were derived from umbilical cord of a baby.

He still can’t walk but hopes to do so in the future. Maybe someday a miracle will cause him to walk. For now he has to visit Qingdow in China for the next round of treatments. May be after 6-7 rounds his dream would come true.

Melton’s friends and family are selling raffle tickets for $20 a piece to help pay for his next round of treatments coming up in May. They’re raffling off a Bad Boy buggy, a 42-inch hi-def TV, a Touring 150 Deluxe Scooter, and a Dell laptop. If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket or donate to Melton’s effort, contact Chuck Melton at 618-493-9001.