For 5-year-old Batten disease patient Hailey, life has changed for ever after her trip to China. The stem cell therapy offered by the Chinese clinic has done some changes beyond imagination. Hailey, and her mom Miranda, have just returned from a seven week trip to China for the first round of treatment and all four members of the Goranflo family - Hailey, Miranda, Neil and Carter - are happy to finally be back under one roof.

Goranflo is now happy with her decision to go to China for treatment. Hailey’s stronger and more alert. She’s more relaxed and breathes better, without an oxygen machine. But the biggest improvement they have seen is the dramatic decrease in the number of seizures she now has.

However, the family is concerned about the other child, another Batten’s Disease patient, 3-year-old Carter.The Goranflo’s are waiting to hear if Carter has been accepted into a clinical trial at Cornell University.

However, Hailey’s treatment went beyond just stem cells. She had sessions with a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, daily massages and rigorous physical therapy. Miranda says,

“Now, when I play with her, sing to her, read to her she tries to vocalize to me. She just has a completely different facial expression her eyes just light up and just looks like she feels so much better.”

Source: Wave 3 TV