bone-marrowYes, the requirement is immediate. Thousands of Americans suffer from several killer diseases like blood cancer, lymphoma, myeloma, thalassemia, sickle cell anemia etc. To cure these diseases experts recommend bone marrow transplants which ensures almost 100% remedy. But due to lack of willing donors many patients lose their life.

Bone marrow transplant involves replacement of diseased marrow with healthy ones. Bone marrow is the production house of blood cells. But it gets destroyed on excessive chemo doses implemented to kill diseased cells. This stops the blood formation. Hence the need of transplantation.

These are done in specific centres with separate bone marrow transplant unit to prevent infections. At first the healthy bone marrow of the patient is taken from the patient before chemo treatment. But if already the marrow has been damaged by any means donor remains the only other option.

Usually relatives are considered for donation. But in about 70% of the cases incompatibility of blood groups are observed. So the need of a selfless donor.

Donation of bone marrow involves a very simple procedure. You just have to complete the registration formalities which takes very short time. Once a definite match is found you are called for donation. It is a painless procedure just like blood donation but requires a little more time.

It won’t hurt you a little. On the other hand it will save a life. A life is expensive than anything else in this world. Its time to come forward and do a small job for humanity.

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