removing cord-blood Yet again stem cell (Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells) with its unique characters has placed itself in the headlines of a popular LIFE magazine.

Umbilical cord blood
are the by-products which are no longer needed by the infants after their birth and so they are discarded.

Recent research has shown that this by-products are variously useful to treat many types of incurable diseases. Research has also proved that these cells have 6-8 times more power to form new blood cells than adult bone marrow cells . The positive points of the umbilical cord blood cells include:

* These cells are less prone to rejection.
* The extraction involves a simple procedure with no risk to the baby and to the mother.
* They can be easily transplanted to the recipients body without any surgery.
* They have least risk of transmitting any infectious disease than any other stem cells.
* Moreover they can be easily stored and used when required.

Thus proving itself as the cells of the future which has the strength of fighting with any kind of serious disease.