forgotten-drugPatients sometime required to have very high doses of chemotherapy and radiations . Even usual doses of chemotherapy and radiations can cause side effects and sometimes the effects could be very serious in new bone marrow formations.

Doctors usually try to avoid higher doses of chemo because  sever damage to bone marrow cells would cause lethal shortages of blood cells, which can damage vital organs.

Presently doctors prefer a post chemo stem cell transplantation (SCT), SCT allows doctors to use higher doses of chemotherapy. After treatment is finished, the patient receives a transplant of blood-forming stem cells to repair and restore the bone marrow.

But as :

  • suitable donors are difficult to find and,
  • after chemo it is difficult to get enough stem cells for a autologus stem cell transplantation,
  • a single dose of cord blood stem cell is not enough for an adult, and two different source can cause serious problems.

Scientists are trying their best to find out a chemical or drug or something that can boost the stem cell growth within and quickly enough.

On their quest to find out a solution recently scientist Leonard Zon of Children’s Hospital in Boston and his team have unidentified an a old forgotten stomach ulcer drug that could help patient who need a bone marrow transplant after aggressive chemo therapy.

On the basis of their findings, researchers are conducting a  human clinical trial [] at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston to evaluate the new medical procedure, which could potentially help some terribly ill people recover from the collateral damage from cancer treatment.

After a month scientist  will check and find out whether the drug that worked significantly on zebra fish and showed a good safety profile could also able to boost the stem cells so that it can help repair bone marrow and also help cancer patients recover with only one unit of cord blood stem cells.

Source: Wired Science