Latest news reveals about the declination of amendments of abortion and the passage of new bill which includes the permission to research on different embryos for finding cure to different non-curable diseases.

This bill was proposed by the British scientists with an aim to help patients with stem cell therapy and cloning.

In their words, they want to engage themselves more in human cloning so that they can obtain more embryonic stem cells for research to cure diseases which is not yet fully developed in the patients.

Although the parliament have declined the abortion bill but they have passed the new bill which provides full revised and updated legislation on assisted reproduction and changes associated with regulation and licensing of embryo which will be used in research and therapy. Moreover the bill provides a rule in which any human embryos created with human and animal DNA would be killed 14 days after their creation.

With regarding to this bill a draft Bill, the Human Tissue and Embryos Bill, was scrutinized by a joint committee of both Houses.