Stem-cell research is divided into two major camps: one focused on adult stem cells, while the other focussed on the controversial but most effective embryonic stem cells. Now there may be a third way.

A new category of stem cells that are readily available, “ethically” trouble-free (read hopefully acceptable to few fanatic but influential Judeo-Christian fundmentalists) and potentially closer in flexibility and function to embryonic stem cells: amniotic-fluid stem cells, which is found in both the placenta and the liquid that surrounds growing fetuses.

The sad part of the story is that instead of diverting their time and humongous resources for so-called “ethical alternatives”, scientists should spend taxpayers money on already proven and strongest contender in disease curing potential - embryonic stem cells. They shouldn’t have to contend with the minority opinion of few whose minds are still entrenched in medieval times.

Every scientist worth mentioning knows and acknowledges that the research should focused on embryonic stem cells, but due to political and so called ethical reasons many of them are forced to focus on finding so called ethical aka political-correct stem cells. What a shame!