Do you have any idea the range of diseases a single wisdom tooth of your kid can effectively cure? Leukemia, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease to name a few.

Warning : Don’t try to pull out a tooth from your child to see if it has really got some magical powers.

Well, no magic. But it is the whole truth. According to researchers dental stem cells derived from the pulp of a tooth have this capability.

Many companies are banking stem cells from teeth. They have got labs where baby and wisdom teeth are brought, stem cells extracted and preserved in vaporized liquid nitrogen at a temperature of about -300 degree Celsius.

Parents who are concerned about their child’s future health can contact these banks. The companies charge a collection fee of about $600, plus $89 to $100 each year to keep the cells.BioEden was the first company to bank dental stem cells, and it has labs in Europe and Thailand.

The stem cell banks even claim that in the near future the cells may be regrown into complete teeth.

But, nobody can predict the future. Some researchers feel that it is a sheer hype. The companies are spreading unnecessary anxieties among the parents that their children might someday develop a fatal disease. The websites of these companies advertise these concerns.

Whatsoever, a lot needs to be done in this field. Stem cell technology is a emerging science. A day will come when each individual body part can be regenerated from the stem cells of any other organ.