According to the Daily Mail, wealthy women from around the globe are flying to Russia, Ukraine, Holland and the Caribbean to take part in a controversial new beauty procedure – the use of stem cells to de-age the skin and body.

According to the article, “Such unregulated companies have mushroomed across the globe offering ‘aesthetic stem-cell therapies’ at exorbitant prices to anyone willing to pay. They claim that stem cells have the ability to rejuvenate the body and renew the cells, not just to produce younger, smoother skin, but increased sex drive and energy. “

First off, I am in favor of stem cell use for medical purposes. I believe they are the key to curing many of the world’s diseases and will ease the suffering of millions of people. But using stem cells so old women can look a few years younger? That’s a dangerous line to even consider walking.

It’s unnerving and heartbreaking how people in this world are abusing an opportunity to help the sick and dying. Instead of fulfilling a useful medial purpose, they are contributing to the world’s growing vanity. And intentionally impregnating women and aborting their fetuses? That is beyond inhumane.

While the United States and other European countries have begun to experiment with stem cells for beauty procedures, they are limiting themselves to animal stem cells.

Even still, it shows the importance of regulating stem cell use so that the abounding benefits of the therapy will not be lost in the immoral dealings of a few.

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