FaceliftNow benefits of stem cells could also be used for facelifting.

According to the report given by the NBC’s Dr. Bruce Hensel, facelifting procedure done by the stem cells might show better results if compared to other wrinkle-reducing procedures.

This facelifting procedure involves the extraction of fat from a special part of the body, which has high concentration of stem cells and injecting this into an area of the face.

Recently one such procedure was performed by Dr. Richard Ellenbogen on famous actress Gail Ramsey, who appeared in “California Dreams”, “Matlock” and “General Hospital”.

He named this procedure as Volumetric facelift. The procedure was performed under general anesthesia. He extracted fat from the lower abdominal area and injected into the cheek, lip area, and around the jaw line.

A week later she found her face more younger with an improved skin type. But there were some swelling and bruising which was completely gone after two and half weeks.

“For Ramsey’s procedure what we used is a reperative qualities of stem cell that’s in the fat to not only boost out her face and give her back the shape of someone 10 to 15 years younger, but also to improve the quality of her skin and remove a good percentage of the wrinkles,” Ellenbogen said.

Now she is more than happy with the results.

Hensel says that, although the Ramsey’s procedure was successful, some of the doctors still don’t believe in this procedure as this procedure has not yet been proved. Nor the long term studies have been done.

Source: www.nbc11.com