Researchers from Netherlands have claimed that Injecting bone marrow stem cells into the heart’s muscular wall could restore blood flow to hearts with blocked arteries.

Dutch researcher Jan van Ramshorst of Leiden University Medical Center and colleagues have shown in a small trial that stem cell injection can helped blood flow, reduced pain and even helped patients to exercise adequately.

Dr. Douwe E. Atsma, an interventional cardiologist at Leiden University Medical Center and an author of the study, believes that it is really a good news for end stage where conventional treatments have failed to improve the condition.

Dr. Atsma claimed that though small but till date this is the largest successful trial that able to show a decrease in ischemia.
The previous two bone marrow stem cell therapy for heart disease failed to show positive results.

Scientists conducted the stem cell trial on 50 people suffering from chronic ischemia due to blocked arteries, with an average age of 64 years. After three months people who received stem cellĀ  injections showed signs of improvement, there heart started pumping better and the flow of blood improved considerably compared to those who haven’t received the bone marrow stem cell injection.

Though this present study excluded heart failure patients, but Dr. Atsma assured that in near future they have planned to conduct another stem cell trial where patients with block arteries along with heart failure shall be included.

According to Dr. Amit Patel, director of cardiovascular regenerative medicine at the University of Utah, the study is definitely a step forward in the treatment of chronic angina. He isĀ  looking forward for a bigger study with at least a couple of hundred patients and a longer observation time, to ensure the stability of the therapy.

The study have already appeared in the May 20 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Source: Forbes