Stem cells and scientists are too busy with trial and exams, at present it has been put to test to find out whether it could treat and cure type I diabetes.

What they injected to me is a potent mixture of stem cells or a powerless placebo? This is what playing in the back of the mind of a 23 years old Virginia Beach woman sitting in a Norfolk clinic having an experimental solution infused into her vein.

As the ethics of the trial she should not know the answer, but she knows one thing plain and simple that stem cells is the only hope that can kick-start her body’s ability to make insulin.

She is among 60 diabetics across the country who have allowed themselves to be tested with stem cells to find out whether it could help produce enough insulin to save the world from this slow killing disease.

Researchers believe that stem cells extracted from donated bone marrow got the potentiality to rebuilt pancreatic insulin-producing cells.

On the basis of their believe and hope a two years trial has been organised for type I diabetic patient.

People 18 to 30 years of age who are within two to 16 weeks of a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis may be eligible for the research study. Participation includes a health evaluation, study medications and laboratory testing. Study participation will last two years. For additional information, call research coordinator Pat Barlow at (757) 446-7258 , or e-mail her at barlowpm@

The study is being conducted by a Maryland company called Osiris Therapeutics that is developing stem-cell therapy to treat ailments such as Crohn’s disease, arthritis and heart disease.

The injectable solution the company is testing - Prochymal - is made of stem cells from bone marrow donated by adults.

The Strelitz Diabetes Center at EVMS is one of 20 sites recruiting volunteers with Type 1 diabetes for the trial.

Source: PilotOnline