Stem_CellsStem cell University of Manchester (UK) has received fund worth €467000, which will help them to research on different types of sugar in our body and how these sugar types influence cell behavior.

Different part of our body such as skin, brain, blood etc are made up of different kind of cells that makes the tissue. These cells are coated by a layer of sugar that helps the cells to know what type of cell they are. They also help cells to respond to the chemical messages that they pass between each other.

Catherine Merry, the leading researcher of the university, says “At present, the way in which cells make these sugars is not well understood. From the little we do know, we believe isolated fragments of these sugars could be used to instruct cells to behave in particular ways.” “We also think we might be able to force cells to make one particular type of sugar and not another, thereby influencing the way in which that cell grows and interacts with other cells.”

She believes that more research will also help them to evaluate how these sugars can be used to help embryonic stem cells grow in the laboratory. And how to instruct them to become the cell types that could be of use in human therapies to treat problems involving nerve, heart muscle or blood cells.

Thus, Catherine Merry and her associates of University of Manchester wants to use this fund to study the overall behavior of these cells.

It is believed that this research will open a new horizon in the stem cell field. As using cells in humans created from embryonic stem cells is considerable time away.

Source: Pharmaceutical Technology