Recent adult stem cell trials (phase I) on type 2 diabetic patients are showing encouraging results. The new treatment shows the ability to produce natural insulin inside the body and thus really offers positive hope to the 24 millions of Americans who are suffering from the killer disease.

In a recently published report in the online journal Cell, University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute, it is claimed that stem cell therapy along with high pressure oxygen therapy on 25 patients shows better insulin production, lower blood-sugar levels and reduced need for insulin injections.

In the successful trial researchers used hyperbaric oxygen chamber after the transplantation of adult stem cells. Researchers believe that high-pressure oxygen is capable of pulling extra stem cells from the patients bone marrow, which enhance the number of stem cells that was already injected near the pancreas and help pancreas to produce insulin naturally. The patients were enclosed in hyperbaric oxygen capsules for 10 hours, blasting their bodies with pure oxygen, at more than twice the amount of normal levels.

According to Dr. Camillo Ricordi, director of the Cell Transplant Center and the Diabetes Research Institute at University of Miamy, another three to four years of research and a couple of successful human trials are required to acquire the approval of FDA for the treatment.

Source: The Miami Herald