Stem cell therapy again shows promising results and restore smiles to two unhappy families. Believe me I really like to represent this type of news each and every day. Our comment site is filled up with the sorrow and cry of end less families who are fighting with the dreaded conditions which are almost incurable.

So lets give a damn to the politicians, give a damn to the source finders and lets fly with success story.

25 year old Rohan, paraplegic since 2005, a resident of Kerala sustained injury in his T10-T11 level vertebra of his back bone and his spinal cord got crushed followed by paralysis of both legs. He was totally bed ridden.

Now, Rohan has got the sensational recovery besides having some power in his legs & he can stand holding walker & caliper, giving a small support to his right leg, after undergoing autologous bone marrow stem cell treatment from one of the hospital in Chennai in 2007.

Its a new life for Rohan, he believed that he will be surely able to walk independently after having the second course of Stem Cell Therapy.

32 years old Deepak, a spinal cord patient got a C-6 burst fracture in 2005. He had stem cell therapy at Bangalore. Deepak admitted that he could feel the significant improvement, life is now non dependent and easy for him.

Both the cases are highly encouraging and once again will hopelly boost up the acceptance of stem cell therapy as a recognised field in the medical profession.

As young Rohan says,

As the Spinal cord cells has no ability to regenerate itself back when once crushed. The only and final source to come back to my normal life as of before is Stem cell therapy. So I am looking forward to do one more course of Stem cell therapy.