AutumnAutumn Dunbar a 14 year old  local girl, who is suffering from  rare genetic conditions that can not be treated in the United States, so her family decided to go for a stem cell treatment in China, its seems to be a only option for them.

Autumn who is a regular horse rider and inseparably from her horse Stoney, is very much determined to fight back the dreaded conditions medically known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, and Friedreich’s Ataxia, the former one helps the thickening of heart muscle, and the second condition  attacks the nervous system, and unfortunately both the conditions presently have no cure or treatment in the United States.

Autumn’s mother, Kathy Adams turned to the Internet for help. She says, “You feel like your hands are tied behind your back, that there’s nothing you can do. So my husband and I did research and figured China was out best option.”

Autumn will be traveling to a hospital near Hong Kong to receive stem cell treatment.  While Autumn’s mother knows that it’s not a cure, only a treatment,  and there is no guarantee.

Along with stem cell therapy Autumn might need open heart surgery and a pacemaker.
Please help dear Autumn and her family they still need more than 20,000 dollars for her treatment.

If you would like to help, the J.S. Rodeo in Vaughn will be putting on a benefit for her on Sunday, March 29th at 1pm. There will be a silent and live auction to help raise money for her trip to China this summer. Tickets are five dollars at door, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Autumn’s treatment.

Source: KFBB.COM