Ivy-Dakota-JonesIvy Dakota Jones  is 9 years old, suffering from cerebral palsy since birth,  a condition caused during complications at birth. Cerebral palsy(CP) is one of the most common congenital childhood disorders.

Cerebral palsy affects muscle tone, movement and motor skills. It can also lead to other health issues, including vision, hearing, and speech problems, and learning disabilities.

There is no cure for the disease, the only treatment available is, physio therapy, help of special equipment, and, in some cases, surgery .

It is really heard to see such a pretty little girl suffering so much from incurable disease. The family of Ivy who were always searching for a cure, finally learn about a medical center in Cologne, Germany, that utilizes stem cell transplants to combat the disease. With this treatment, Jones’ own bone marrow will be used, it will be taken from her hip.

When a stem cell transplant involves a donor and a recipient, the recipient risks developing graft versus host disease, a potentially fatal complication if the patient’s body rejects the transplanted cells.

The center in Cologne utilizes each patients own bone marrow stem cells, which minimize the risk of rejection and infection developing.

Nearly $20,000 needed to finance the outpatient treatments requiring a seven-day stay in Germany, family and friends have organized a benefit June 27 at the Hebron Church in Jack.

If anybody is willing to help the little girl then donations can be made at the First National Bank of Brundidge or any branch of Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union. More information can be obtained by calling Wanda Edmondson at 897-9766 or 494-2913.

Source: eprisenow