In an attempt to facilitate the stem cell research and treatment, the scientists of the International Society for Stem Cell Research at a meeting last week have decided to compose a set of guidelines.

The guidelines will mainly include the desired standards for producing stem cells and specific steps for how experimental research should move from lab and animal studies to clinical trials in humans. It also aims to control how stem cell therapies are offered and advertised to patients.

The stem cell therapy is gaining popularity in modern time. Stem cell have the potential to turn itself to any type of cell in the body. Stem cell therapy offers treatments and cures for myriad diseases and conditions, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries and cancer. Researchers are investigating stem cell therapies for many diseases. They have found that blood stem cell transplants have proven beneficial to help treat blood disorders, such as leukemia and immune deficiencies.

But unfortunately, the USA has failed to support the stem cell research. The federal law does not allow the researchers to use the embryonic stem cell. Patients often fly to China to receive the stem cell research. Some of them have received good results too.

Also, some of the websites represent the stem cell therapy in a way that is not accurate. Thus they are accused of misrepresenting the therapy. The website also overemphasize the treatment’s benefits and downplay its risks. These attempts must not be allowed to overshadow the stem cell research in any country.

Source: The Star