dental-collegeThe Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) will soon have a separate mechanism for reviewing and monitoring stem cell research in the country. This will ensure that patients are not being mislead in the name of stem cell therapy or miracle cure.

Over two years after the guidelines were first formulated for this area of science, involving complicated social and ethical issues, the ICMR has decided to announce the setting up of a National Apex Committee (NAC) for stem cell research and therapy involving human stem cells.

Confirming that the announcement will be made soon, officials at the ICMR said that all formalities have been completed and only the written approval from the ICMR members is awaited.

“The committee has been set up and we are waiting for the consent of all the members before going public with the announcement,” said Dr Lalit Kant, senior scientist and in-charge of the stem cell research division, ICMR.

This type of approach by the ICMR truly deserves appreciation. Not only it would be instrumental in the spread of stem cell treatment in India, it will also safeguard people’s right for the treatment. It will ensure quality treatment to all. Since it is a noble approach we wish the application doesn’t delay.