The vast scale of applications of stem cell technology promises miraculous treatment procedures in the future world. If any part of your body gets diseased or lost by accident it can be subsequently replaced by fresh and healthy ones with this technology. An extensive number of life-threatening diseases can also be cured.

The interesting part of the development is that animals will also obtain substantial amount of help from this therapeutic technique. Dogs and cats are prone to arthritis just like humans. Arthritis is irreversible and it progresses throughout the life of the patient.

Vets think stem cell therapy will be blessing for treatment of arthritis in animals. 2 steps are involved to make an arthritic joint painless. the first step is harvesting the animal’s stem cells from a fatty tissue in a cell-processing laboratory. The second step consists of a re-injection of the patient’s cells within the cavity of his arthritic joint.

Both this major processes involve a series of sub procedures which must be conducted thoroughly one after the other.

Stem-cell therapy for arthritis is an exciting new treatment. Because of its novelty in small animal veterinary medicine, numerous questions still need to be answered.