tennis-dream“Karmyn wants to play tennis and I want that dream to become a reality,” said Krishna. Well nothing unusual. Every parent want their children to become some celebrity be it in the sports world or in the movie domain.

But this story has a little twist. Come on lets add salt to the broth. Karmyn who aspires to be a tennis player is a 11 year old girl who had a stroke and severe memory loss two years ago. Right part of her body has no feeling. The doctors have given her statement that  she would never be able to talk or walk. They adviced her parents to admit her in school for special children.

Gasp! shocked and depressed! Yes but still Devan Krishna, Karmyn’s father who formerly worked as East Coast Radio DJ and now a business consultant believes that her daughter will completely be cured and will definitely play tennis in the near future.

The family is opting for stem cell therapy. Karmyn will be treated using umbilical cord blood cells. The family will be heading to China’s Bethune International Peace Hospital on March 18, where she will receive seven treatments over a month. The procedure, which is not covered by medical aid, costs more than R300000, which they are trying to raise.

We all pray to God for the success of the treatments and complete recovery of the innocent child. Now you sure want to see her playing tennis sometime after her treatments.

Source:The Times