AN Oakenshaw man who received treatment in Germany for Multiple Sclerosis before Christmas has noticed a slight improvement in his sight.

Gary Mayrick received controversial stem cell treatment at a clinic in Cologne in October and was told not to expect an immediate improvement in his condition. But he lives in hope.

His wife, Alison, said: “It takes quite a while for stem cells to grow in your body so we were not expecting too much improvement this early.

“There are little things such as his eyesight, which he feels is slightly better.”

Mr Mayrick was first diagnosed with the slow progressive form of the disease 10 years ago and is now registered blind, is unable to stand and needs carers to help him through the day.

His family and friends raised the £15,000 needed to travel to Germany for stem cell treatment, which they hope will give Mr Mayrick a better quality of life.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society, as yet, does not recommend the treatment although it believes with more research, stem cells have the potential to help repair damage caused by MS.

Source:Therapeutics Daily