Pamela Harriman, a New Albany resident, will soon be going for a stem cell therapy in a hope to cure her disease dermatomyositis and to live a normal life. As because this disease is a muscle disease she is even restricted to move her body. She is facing this bedridden condition for more than four years and now to get rid of this condition she wants to opt this promising therapy.

Pamela Harriman a mother of two child wants to get rid of her present bed ridden condition which she is facing because of a disease named Dermatomyositis. This Dermatomyositis is an inflammatory skin and muscle disease whose common symptoms include muscle weakness and rashes. This disease sometimes leaves the patient in such a condition that patient can hardly stand, lift objects or even raise their arms over their head.

This is what Mrs Pamela is facing for more than four years. It is not that she didn’t receive any medical help. But each and every therapy which she is received has given her a temporary relief. Then some day she came to know about Dr Richard Burt who do the stem cell therapy in Chicago. She was also informed about the promising results of the therapy. This news has increased her hope to live a normal life.