Indian doctors proved wrong the strong belief that brain injury never cured. The pressing requirement to helpĀ  disabled persons due to brain injuries led them to work on stem cell therapy for finding out a solution. As researchers believed that stem cell is the only hope that can faced this kind of critical situation.

According to the team leader, chief Neuro surgeon and Vice-Chairman, BGS Global Hospitals, Dr. N.K. Venkataramana, only one such attempts were made only in China. This is the first attempt in India, probably is the second country in the world to use such therapy.

Through this therapy, stem cells were transplanted directly into the brain. The procedure was done on a 27 years old woman, Madhumalika, who was suffering from diffuse axonal brain injury.

Diffuse axonal injury (DAI) is a frequent result of traumatic deceleration injuries and a frequent cause of persistent vegetative state in patients. DAI is the most significant cause of morbidity in patients with traumatic brain injuries, which most commonly result from high-speed motor vehicle accidents.

The patient was suffering from altered sensorium, severe cognitive dysfunction and lack of movement in limbs following a road accident on December 14 last year and subsequently admitted to BGS Global Hospital at Bangalrore. Madhumalika’s situation was very critical she remained in coma for more than three months.

The stem therapy was done in March, stem cells were prepared at Stempeutics Research Pvt Ltd, and were directly injected into the brain.

Just after a month of stem cell transplant, the patient who was totally in a motion less state started showing amazing improvement, she able to recognize her family and friends, started talking and could able to move her limbs. Some physiotherapy is required to mobilize the stiff joints as she was bed ridden for several months.

Having found the positive results Dr Venkataramana and his team is looking forward to carry out a pilot study in treating head injuries with stem cells.

Source: TOI