Stem Cells derived from umbilical cord blood could be a magical cure for llife-threatening diseases. Though introduced only about five to six years back, but stem cell therapy is now gaining ground in India, especially the umbilical cord stem cell therapy.

Stem cells have a capability to develop into any cell type in the body and act as repair system for the body, repairing other cells.

Dr RS Bedi, a paediatrician, who has motivated many of his patients to go in for this magical future health investment, explains that, the procedure is fairly simple - inside the umbilical cord, there’s a lot of blood, which is rich in stem cells. We collect blood from the umbilical vein through a needle and put it in an anitcogulant, and collect as much as possible,What’s more, the blood can be stored indefinitely, though in India right now, they’re only two banks which will store it for you — Reliance Life Sciences and Asia Cryo-Cell.

This cord blood has amazing possibilities. Cord blood is rich in stem cells, building blocks of the immune system and all other cells. By storing these, you can have genetically matched stem cells at hand. This works magic in case of transplants, blood disorders like leukemia, bone cancers, sickle cell disease, Parkinson’s et al.

The parents, child, siblings and other family members can use it, in case. The blood is injected and it then regenerates the diseased cell or muscle. What’s more, many surgeries, heart blocks can be prevented with this and you save a lot of cost, time and trauma, adds Dr Bedi.

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