adult-stem-cell-therapyBinder Pal, 40 year old man from Phillaur and a 26 year old girl from Hoshiarpur would have died from killer lymphoblastic leukaemia and lymphoma respectedly, if they were not transplanted with stem cell .

Both of them are now feeling well, and greatly thankful to the doctors and stem sell therapy, They never thought of surviving from the deadly diseases.

According to Dr Sandeep Jasuja, (assistant professor of Oncology at DMCH who conducted the autologous bone marrow transplant on the Hoshiarpur girl)  autologus bone marrow transplant is more feasible and also safer than allogenic transplant as autologous transplant does not require prolonged use immuno suppressant drugs with less less mortality and morbidity and cost (approximately Rs 5-6 lakh per procedure) as compared allogenic transplant (Rs 6-10 lakh).

Presently stem cell treatment is a popular field in the medical profession to combat killer diseases, the above two cases once again highlighted life potential of stem cell treatment.

According to Karan Goel (chairman and founder of Stem Cell Voice of India, which is creating awareness in the country about stem cell treatment), adult stem cell transplants are being performed in the country regularly and both autologus and allogenic stem cell transplants are feasible and available at various centres, but there is a need to have cord blood cell banks to facilitate cord blood cell procedures too.

However, Dr Joseph John, consultant haematologist and haemato-oncologist at Christian Medical College and Hospital says, the allogenic stem cell transplant performed on Binder Pal was the first in the state.  The Post Graduate Insitute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) has previously performed such procedure in the north of Delhi.