Stem cell technique which is highly popular in the animal world, mainly for repairing horse injury is now in lime light.

Researchers at privately owned British biotech firm MedCell is all set to try this proven technique in human trial for the first time. Patients will receive injections containing millions of their own stem cells, which have been extracted and multiplied up in a laboratory.

According to Nicola Maffulli, an orthopaedic surgeon and leading expert in sports medicine, the back gear move, that is from clinical veterinary to human medicine is inspiring and unusual, we normally see the translation happening the other way around.

MedCell confirmed on Wednesday that it would start clinical tests within 12 months and planned to run a larger confirmatory study at several European hospitals in 2011.

Experts say that already hundreds of costly race horses (more than 1,500) have been treated by this stem cell technique, with a encouraging follow up results.

Source: Reuters