It is needless to say that multiple sclerosis is such a neurological impairment which is difficult to reverse or stabilized. It is an autoimmune disease that slowly disable human being by causing sever muscle weakness, hence obstructs movement and coordination, it disturbed normal brain functions thus causing vision and speech problems.

Scientists from Northwestern University  in Chicago find through an experimental bone marrow stem cell therapy, stem cells not only able to stabilizes the deadly disease, in some case it can successfully reverse multiple sclerosis.

Richard Burt who lead the team confirms a clinical trials of 11 women and 10 men who did not responded to previous standard treatment with drugs and published the report in the British medical journal The Lancet.

At first scientists removed all defective white blood cells which attack bodies nervous system by destroying the fatty sheath of myelin. Then patients immune system were  filled up with haemopoeitic stem cells extracted from the patients’ bone marrow. These specific stem cells are capable of giving rise to any form of mature blood cell. After an average follow-up period of three years, 17 of the 21 patients improved by at least one point on a standard disability scale.

The study also revealed that, not a single patient had a final score lower than they had before undergoing the stem cell therapy, which is really encouraging.

However though five of the patients relapsed but also achieved remission after receiving other immunosuppressive therapy.