Years earlier, ocular surface disease was a neglected disease and the patients were also used to be neglected. Only then, Dr. Virender S. Sangwan has come up with the idea to use the stem cell technique to help the patients of the disease. Today it is a land mark in the stem cell research in India.

Dr. Sangwan is respected as the pioneer in treating ocular surface disease through corneal regeneration using limbal stem cell transplantation. He came to know about the stem cell treatment as he came across two academic papers in the opthalmic literature discussing cultivating limbal stem cells. Within a year, they then applied for approval to conduct a clinical trial.

Through the clinical trial, Drs. Sangwan and Vemuganti found that they could successfully grow the cells and transplant them to the human eye, where they can repair damaged epithelium and corneas and allow patients to see again.
After 5 years of work, Dr. Sangwan was awarded the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award, which is the highest award in India for science and technology.

We have done more than 500 [transplants] now,“said a happy and satisfied Dr. Sangwan.

Source: OSN Super Site