Who could ever thought of that a common aquarium zebra fish may hold the secret to cure blindness? Canadian researcher Ted Allison is all set to study on zebra fish, that got the enique ability to regenerate photoreceptors.

Zebrafish is  a six-centimetre long, very agile fish, they are bit nervous type. Zebra fish easy to keep an abundance of the small fish, and it’s also not difficult to genetically manipulate them as eggs.  in recent years it has replaced lab rats in many importants.

Scientists at University of Alberta have noticed that zebrafish is having stem cells all throughout its retina, and if any eye nerve is damaged, it could regenerate.

This regenerating potentiality attracted scientists to launch a study on zebra fish to monitor and judge the procedure of regeneration of photoreceptors or the cells in the retina that receive light signals and send a neural signal to the brain.

The study is actually aimed to let blind people see again. To move forward with the study Alison recently received $200,000 grant to carry out the research.

Researchers are willing to follow the retina and the responsible genes that influence the stem cells to recreate the damaged photoreceptors, and if they could find the process how the fish is doing it then it would be easier to create a process to influence human stem cell to help regenerate photoreceptors.

The ability to regenerate photoreceptors is common in fish and frogs, but not in mammals. Researchers believe that within a couple of years they will be able to furnish the study report. They also hope that the study may in future will be able to cure eye blinding diseases like macular degeneration.

Source: Canada.com