wisdom-teethThere is still no definite answer to this curious question from the Stem Cell scientists. But certain oral surgeons and Stem Cell banks strongly believe that dental stem cells have the potential to develop into any body organs which will be proved in the near future.

Dr. John Lupori, an oral surgeon of Steamboat Springs believes that the stem cells extracted from the pulp of the teeth are incredibly miraculous. He partners with StemSave, a New York-based company that freezes and stores dental stem cells.

According to StemSave CEO Art Greco, “They are what is called very plastic, which means they can become different kinds of tissue……That’s what makes them very valuable.”

Nobody is quite sure but everybody is hopeful that a day will come when all health complications will be resolved with the previously stored teeth stem cells. Steamboat Springs residents are saving their stem cells with the help of Dr.Lupori.

The surgeon removes patient’s teeth and ship them directly to StemSave where they are frozen and stored for the rest of the life. The bank charges people an initial fee and yearly storage costs to keep those cells ready for medical use. The initial processing is $590, and preservation costs $100 a year.

Wisdom tooth and baby tooth are best for stem cell extraction. However StemSave also preserves teeth removed later in life. Greco says that stem cell science is progressing forward in an exponential rate. The amount of money being poured into regenerative medicine is beyond imagination. However more detailed research work is needed to fill the gaps.