A huge score of U.S. population suffer from the dreaded chronic degenerative disorder named Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Problems in vision and speech, feeling weak in the muscles are its primary symptoms.What happens inside the body? Nothing much, only our central nervous system degenerates slowly due to destruction of myelin in spinal cord and brain.

Jokes apart, it can really make your and your family’s life a hell. Such was the life of Edwin McClure, just 4 years ago. This star football player was a patient of MS.

Then he participated in a clinical trial conducted by researchers at Northwestern University to study effect of stem cell transplantation on multiple sclerosis. It became a huge success.

Patients own stem cells were stimulated to grow more cells. After chemo treatment harvested stem cells were transplanted back into the patients.

The treatment lasted nearly month. Finally, McClure was successfully cured of the demyleination problem.

Incurable Multiple sclerosis once again conquered by emerging stem cell therapy.

Wow! this is the original breakthrough.

Source:The Early Show