mother-and-childCritics of the Notre Dame selection of the president to receive an honorary degree and deliver the commencement address say Obama’s support of legal abortion and embryonic stem-cell research made him an inappropriate choice for a Catholic university- But who cares? Do any body really cares?

Conscience is a motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person’s thoughts and actions.

We are not scientists we could only pray and hope and encourage lawmakers and scientists to overcome the complications and barriers of stem cell treatment as early as possible and save us.

But it appears that the greatest obstacles that  stem cell research is presently fighting with is not rejections of cells or tumors it is a bunch of so called intellectuals who are trying to save some cells which will some day transform into a human being, but surprisingly some how they are determined not to help those who are already transformed into human and suffering with such diseases which will surely kill them one day.

Please be positive, don’t try to duck under the curtain of spirituality, if you think that your conscience is really motivating you logically and God is really on your side then-

Why not try and pressurize the lawmakers to legalize mercy killing?

Why not be bold enough and make a list of pure Catholics and sign a bond, that you and your nearest one will never take the opportunity of stem cell therapy ever, ( if they found a cure then you will be in the first line- every body knows it very well)

And what about laboratory animals? what scientists are doing with them? injecting diseases to find a cure for us, is it not cruelty? and you are enjoying the result of those cruelty. Being a real Catholic you should also avoid those medicines and relay on holy water and herbs.

They are experimenting with monkeys, if primary cells are human beings then human is also just a stage ahead of monkeys, then why you are letting them experimented and consuming the results to live longer?

Dear holy friends no hard feelings, if you do not understand the feelings and sufferings of living beings then we do not care you, please don’t bother us and don’t disturb the scientists who are trying to save us.

Obama did a great job, for us he is holier than any pure Catholic, already he have done enough by withdrawing the ban on embryonic stem cell research, for only this bold, logical, holy and conscience approach he will be remembered for ever, its a history.

“To be embryos” does not cry but our little children cry loudly when they are in pain, when you are trying to impose something on human beings you have to think like a mother. Be a Catholic mother, be a European mother,  an Asian mother or an African mother- mothers are eternal they are that global conscience that could feel the pain and pleasure of the child, its the only link that knows no boundary in language, cast or regions, throughout the world every one knows the meaning of the word MA, MOM, MAMA or MOTHER.

I have asked several sufferers about the act of Obama regarding the lifting of ban on embryonic stem sell research, all of them believes that Obama act like a mother- see he has already achieved the most prestigious honor of the globe, so we give a damn to your Notre Dame honorary degree.

Gallup’s 2006-2008 Values and Beliefs surveys indicate that what Obama believes regarding stem cell research, Catholics also believes in the same way.

Here are the percentages of what Catholics find morally acceptable:

The Gallup poll revealed 40 percent of Catholics found abortion morally acceptable compared to 41 percent of non-Catholics.

Having a child out of wedlock, 61 percent; divorce, 71 percent; premarital sex, 67 percent; embryonic stem-cell research, 63 percent; the death penalty, 61 percent.

Gallup distinguished regular churchgoing Catholics and non-Catholics from nonregular churchgoing Catholics and non-Catholics. Of weekly church attendees, 24 percent of Catholics found abortion morally acceptable, 53 found em­bryonic stem-cell research ac­cept­able, 53 percent found premarital sex acceptable and 48 percent felt having a baby out of wedlock was acceptable, too.

Finally we like to redirect the offer of Father Hugh Cleary, which he actually directed for Obama to “rethink”, yes father please rethink, rethink like a mother, talk with your children who are suffering and dying talk with people like Cody Unser, who is paralyzed from the chest down since the age of twelve due to Transverse Myelitis, talk with the parents of blind children who are hoping to see the world for the first time, try to talk with children who are living like a collection of flesh and bone due to brain disorders.

This is no personal thing, this is the voice of the mass, they want it early, they are desperate, they want normal life, please rethink and help the stem cell research proceed- May God Bless You.